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The development and use of original management models prosody to impart the desired color the sound of voices. Change the pitch and tone while maintaining the intelligibility and naturalness of sound.

The software that ensures multi-user operation mode, quick enabling/disabling voice processing modes, combining the modes depending on the employee's tasks and preferences, and access to easily adjustable settings.

Speech improvement technologies

Change the pitch and tone while maintaining the intelligibility and naturalness of sound:

  • 01 Persuasive voice

    The technology of speech deep transformation that adjusts operator’s voice for better comprehension by the remote user. We have analyzed the over 20 years' scientific research on this subject, and we performed our own additional research in order to determine what kind of voice people consider convincing, confident and serious. These psychological criteria of the voice affect the success of business communication. Our research and the research of other groups suggest that a person with the medium voice pitch frequency is considered a more credible interlocutor. Deep voice modification with preservation of complete naturalness - no "robotic" voice.

  • Using this innovation, the customer will hear operator's voice better, and will understand his/her speech. Now the customer won't have to repeat his questions many times and to strain his/her ears so much. Low sounds of the speech will become louder, while the volume of loud sounds will stay the same.

  • Our technology helps users to hear in a noisy environment, without increasing the volume. Unlike a simple denoiser, which removes the noise from the telephone line, this technology allows the user to hear through the ambient noises. The technology protects users' hearing, as it amplifies selectively only those components of the signal that are masked by the noise, which makes it possible to hear well with the volume only slightly increased.


Hearing through the ambient noises

The technology based on decreasing mask effect by frequency-dependent amplification of a useful signal. Simultaneously the algorithm takes into consideration individual hearing thresholds, frequency characteristics of a certain device, and incoming sound level.

The spectral estimation of the the power spectral density of the ambient noise produced by the external microphone. To customize using the built audiometry implemented.

This technology provides contact centers and teleconference systems a useful function for users, which talk in a very noisy environment, hear a collocutor clearly.

The effect is reached by a real-time analysis of surrounding noises, and subsequent increasing intelligibility of a collocutor speech in accordance with the type of noise. The technology protects user's hearing because it provides only selective amplification of only those signal components which are masked by noise, allowing a user to achieve high intelligibility with a relatively small increase in the overall volume.

As a side effect the technology improves both a user, and his/her collocutor comfort while a talk or teleconference.


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